Interest domains

The work of TransforMap can be seen from different perspectives. Each embrace their own narratives and constraints to approach the field of mapping alternative economies.

Community-based knowledge commons embrace an open discourse by decoupling the commoning process from commercial projects.

The main communication channel for the TransforMap community is a public discussion forum at . Contributors are encouraged to present themselves in the Who is Who? first.

Openness and mutual exchange between a voluntary community process and several projects with economic interest sustain the social meshwork.

While the development, provisioning and maintenance of mapping infrastructure is resource intensive, the original idea and commoning process cannot be coopted by economic interest. Thus clear distinctions are neccessary to isolate the one from the other.

Machine-readable data is used for evidence-based visualisation and interpretation of alternative economies. Precious attention is being put on the data scheme and vocabulary.

The vocabulary of a data set, or a single datum, is constrained by the syntax of a given data format and enriches its semantics by human-readable definitions of properties.

They can be seen in clouds, heard in noises, grasped by contemplating and exposing ones gaze. We associate shapes and forms with them, yet their intrinsic dynamic unfolds only by applying their given ruleset again. And again and again.